My official recommendations for pros in the book industry

Looking for professional services to bring you next book project to publication?

Here's a list of the people I've found who do excellent work:


* Bodie from BDediting does great formatting. 

* Julie from JT Formatting does excellent work, but she books out way in advance.


* Bodie from BDediting is the best editor I know. 

* I have another awesome editor I use (who is rather inexpensive), but she has no website as of now since she does it part-time. If you're looking for a budget friendly editor, send me an email and I'll hook you up.


* Jake from JCaleb Design is the absolute best in fantasy and sci-fi. 

* Need a cheap cover? GermanCreative on Fiverr is excellent.

* Olivia Pro Design on Fiverr is also fantastic.

* Go On Write is good for premades, but expensive (especially for full wraparounds).

* Deranged Doctor does some great work, especially with series.

* The Book Cover Designer is a great source of premades for every genre.