A ton of people, authors or not, have asked me how I market my books. How did I get to where I am? When I started writing, I was as unknown as unknown can be. Now, several years later, I have many published novels, many best-sellers, and my brand grows every day. So, how did I do it? Well, I certainly am not the best, but here are links to the blog posts which outline pretty much everything I know. A caveat: this is just my strategy, what's worked for me. Other people do things differently. It works for them. What is successful for me might not work for your books. I write epic fantasy and horror (click the books tab at the top), so my ideas probably won't work for an educational science-focused non-fiction about aliens who may or may not have built the pyramids. The important thing when it comes to marketing an indie book is that you're always doing something. Whatever it is, do it every single day. Write. Market. Promote. Edit. Do something each and every day.

A Video Guide to eBook Marketing - Learn the Basics

Get off on the right foot.

Looking for pros? My personal recommendations for editors, formatters, and cover designers.

Get it all done right—the first time!

Bespoke marketing solutions for every genre.

Everything from blurb writing to AMS ad generation.

Book Launches!

Everything you need to know about launching your book with style - and sales!

Want to master your Amazon ads?

Well you should want to. This guide should help you get there. And there's no fluffy bullshit like all the other guides written by other people. You know why you want them to work, you know what they are... now do it.

Building the perfect ad stack.

Which sites should you book? Where should you promote your novel? Here is the answer!

Make sure your blurb is perfect!

Blurb writing is an art form. A very difficult, frustrating, painful art form. Here's the terrifying part: the blurb will sell hundreds of books for you. Or it will ruin every marketing effort you make. Write wisely.

Now that your blurb is perfect, format it!

Add some keywords, make some stuff bold, and crush that blurb!

How to sell more books: part 1.

This is a solid foundation for book sales. Without the basics of book marketing, you will find success to be very elusive.

How to sell more books: part 2.

Want more details? Check it out.

What should I take to conventions?

Swag here! Get your author swag here!

Does genre dictate success?

Finally, the age old question is answered.

A few notes on editors and editing.

Just a couple thoughts on using 'track changes' vs. comments as well as a rant about the word 'this' being used in indie writing.

Working with full time pro editors vs. amateurs.

The main reasons why going with a full time pro editor is just a requirement for those of us in the writing world.

A few thoughts on writing guns into your books.

Learn the basics of writing convincing scenes with firearms and body armor. Plus, learn the common mistakes author and movies make and how to avoid them.

Traditional, Self Publishing, Small Press = Know the Differences before you choose.

Why should you choose to self publish? Why should you choose a small press? I break down the pros and cons of the 3 major options available to authors.

Looking for some NaNoWriMo tips and tricks? Check it out!

I've completed NaNo 4 times now, always doing the full 50k word goal. How do I do it? Wouldn't you like to know...

Social Media for Authors.

Figure out how to tweet before you start doing it. Build up a following. Gain some online street-cred.

Amazon Giveaways as a Social Media Tool.

Grow your brand on Twitter and grow your Amazon followers by running giveaways! Amazon giveaways have changed a lot recently. Right now, most of the info in this article is too old to be useful.

Want more? Check out this book.

Full disclosure: I did not write this book nor do I receive any benefit whatsoever by promoting it. I do know the author and I have read the book. It is well worth the time and money.



Have some advice of your own? Shoot me an email and I'll put up a link to your own blog with author-oriented marketing advice.