The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege of Talonrend

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Lady Scrapple lurks in the depths of Kanebullar Mountain, building her army of mindless slaves and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. As the final pieces are about to fall into place and secure her victory, an anomaly is born. One of her goblins, an incredibly powerful shaman, stands free of Lady Scrapple's iron-clad hive mind.
A few miles west of Kanebullar Mountain, the frontier city of Talonrend perches dangerously on the edge of anarchy. King Lucius Firesbane has disappeared without an heir and left the city leaderless.
In the face of chaos, a disgruntled paladin sets out to find his king.

I really wanted to approach the question of, “why would goblins continue to attack humans if they always end up dying?”
What if the goblin leader knows exactly what she is doing? What if every failed raid and every goblin massacre was a carefully crafted maneuver in order to make the humans fear them less? Then, when the real goblin invasion begins, the humans won’t take them seriously.
That’s the main idea I like to explore. Also, my goblins are a hive mind, so they only value the collective and place no value on the lives of the individual. With that structure, I get to play with degrees of freedom, the illusion of free will, and what would happen if a goblin was born disconnected from the hive mind.
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