Melissa - Page 88


Your back scrapes against the car door. There is nowhere left to run. Darren - sweet Darren - is missing, Andre can barely lift his own head, and the beast is only a few feet away. The car was your only chance. Tears stream down your face and despite the situation, you can only think of Darren. You'll never get to caress his rigid jawline or run your fingers through his hair. You'll never get to wear his football jersey at school to make all the other girls jealous.

You hear footsteps. Loud, thundering, footsteps belonging to the most fearsome creature you have ever seen. The end is near. One swing of that sword and you head will roll. Oh well.

"Come and get me, you fat faggot!" Andre taunts, running toward the woods. The skeletal demon breathes fire and begins his pursuit anew. Andre takes off into the woods with the skeleton right on his heels.

"Is he trying to save me?" You mutter in disbelief as you watch him run. "Why?" The reason doesn't matter. All that matters now is that you have time to look for Darren. If you can just find Darren, you might be able to survive this whole ordeal.

Then another idea hits you - perhaps you can close the basement portal. Or maybe more skeletons are already marching through...

What do you do?


To run into the house and search for Darren, the love of your life, turn to page 53.

To return to the basement and look for clues, turn to page 99.