Looking for someone to walk you through the entire publishing process?

Here's what I offer:

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Taking you step by step through the publication process.

Publishing, either through a small press, traditional press, or on your own can be a daunting task. Many first time authors (and some veterans) make a lot of mistakes. I certainly did as well. If you want to make an impression in the brutally competitive world of writing, you have to do it right the first time. I'll be here every step of the way to take you through from first draft to first royalty check. The process is extensive and can last several months.

Getting the best possible services.

I have tons of contacts in the publishing world. I'll get you an editor who specializes in your genre. I'll get a top notch proofreader after your edits have been made. Once the manuscript is ready, I'll get you a cover that will absolutely place you in the top books in your genre. From there, I'll work with a graphics specialist to get all of your peripherals made. Bookmarks, posters, banners, promotional images, mock-ups, ads, whatever you need.

Taking out the stress and guesswork.

My ultimate goal is to get you, the author, to spend less time working on publishing and more time working on writing. I'll handle every single step of the entire process, and I'll take as much input from you as you want to provide. We will figure out your ultimate vision, and I'll be there to help it become reality. We'll work together over email, text, Skype, or whatever method you wish to employ.

Some added clarity and explanation.

You will need to approve everything. I'll get samples from potential editors, and then you will need to approve them. I don't want to book a service and then have the author unhappy. The price you pay upfront is all you'll ever pay. I will book services and organize everything from your one budget, so there's no fear of being nickle and dimed to death. One fee, and I'll take your book from a first draft manuscript to a paperback (and eBook too!) you can hold in your hands.


The entire process is fairly extensive, time consuming, and requires expertise I have accumulated through 5+ years in the publishing industry. The price is $2500 - and that's all you'll ever pay.

Everything you'll get:

  • 2 rounds of professional editing from 2 different editors. Multiple eyes give you the best perspective and best results. One round will be done for developmental / structural edits, and then a second round will be done for line editing.
  • Professional proofreading after you make all of your changes.
  • Professional formatting with intricate interior graphics to match your story and bring the words to life.
  • The absolute best cover. You'll get tons of input along the way, and your cover will be amazing.
  • Peripherals: my graphic designers will create stunning bookmarks (and you'll get a big box of them in the mail), awesome digital digital mock-ups and ads, and any other promotional materials you might want.
  • An epic blurb laden with keywords for your back cover.
  • At least 3 editorial quotes from authors in your genre to be printed on your back cover and on your Amazon page.
  • Plenty of advice and assistance all along the way. Every question answered. Every step of the process completed with expert professionalism.