Melissa - Page 51


Screw the severed head. Even if it is Darren, you can make it on your own. Besides, has hasn't loved you yet. Maybe he never will. Maybe he is already dead.

You dash for the presumed safety of the driveway and the old station wagon. Immediately, the skeletal demon perks his head up and gives chase. Your legs pump and the adrenaline flows through your blood, but the demon is faster. Chancing a glance behind, you see the monstrous beast gaining on you, sword poised to strike.

Desperate, you make it to the station wagon just as the skeleton summits the grassy hill behind you. You jam your hand into your pocket and realize your critical mistake. The keys are sitting on the kitchen table. Its too late now - the beast is nearly upon you.

You flail out with your balled fists, trying to push every ounce of anger and aggression you can into a single punch. Your knuckles connect solidly with the demon's hellish ribcage. If the creature felt any pain, it doesn't show. You roll with your back against the cool metal of the car and dodge a vicious overhand strike that would have severed you in half. Maybe, just maybe, you can escape.

If you can just get to the kitchen and grab your keys, you can escape. You have to escape. You duck under a horizontal cut and land one more blow on the skeleton's ribs before launching toward the door. Behind you, sounds of metal crunching through metal echo into your ears. You turn. The evil beast cackles as he pulls his mighty sword free of the destroyed engine block.


You're out of options.

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