Melissa - Page 102


You won't let the destruction of the station wagon stop you. Nothing will stop you.

You sprint to the front door as quickly as your legs can manage. A hot gout of flame erupts from the skeleton's hideous mouth. Unfortunately, the hellish fire is faster than your mortal legs.

You hear the skin bubble and crack, sloughing from your calves. The flames lick high and the demon laughs, pulsating an eerie sound through the peaceful mountain air. In a split second, everything you know becomes pain. It is all you can think about, all you can remember, and everything you have to look forward to.

The fire grows, licking up your pants and setting your shirt ablaze. You scream, but the heat that rushes into your lungs makes you wretch with pain. You roll across the driveway, frantically trying to put out the flames, but the skeletal beast breathes down again like an angry dragon torching a village.

You roast. The skin on your forehead bubbles and slides down you face, melting into the soft ooze that used to be your eyes. A straggling sputter of a cough escapes your lips as your bones liquefy.


Better luck next time....