Huge list of books on sale from Hydra Publications! Perfect for Halloween!

For We Are Many      Stuart Thaman


Reality Check       Eric Garrison 


The Watchers       Tony Acree    


Gunpowder and Lead    Kate Lynd


The List                 Tom Wallace


Gnosis                   Tom Wallace


Eternal Patrol          Michael G. Wallace


Empyreal Fate        Rachel Hunter


Ukishima               Nigel Sellars  


The Parrot Told Me  Rachael Rawlings


Without a Conscious James William Peercy


The Heart Denied   Linda Anne Wulf


The Hand of God    Tony Acree


Dearly Departed      Rachael Rawlings


The Fire of Heaven   Tom Wallace


Blood of the Highland Moon Morinda Montgomery


Bounty Hunter          Kate Lynd


Secret                     Morinda Montgomery


Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me   Lyndi Alexander


Morning Star Ethos   Desiree Finkbeiner


The Know-it-all Girl  Joanna Foreman


Amy the Astronaut   Steven Donahue


The Wall Outside     James William Peercy


The Human Equations Dave Creek


Ethos Equinox  Desiree Finkbeiner


Heart of the Hunter   Linda Anne Wulf


Anon                       Peter Giglio


Beyond Anon           Peter Giglio