Andre - Page 220


You don't want to risk the wrath of a succubus, whatever that may entail. After all, you're the guest in her home. She could be more powerful than she appears.

"We should go to the docks," she says somewhat bashfully. Her eyes wander over your chest and you can't escape the feeling that she is eyeing a tasty meal.

"What's at the docks?" you ask, never taking your eyes from the pale woman's face.

She glances up at the silhouetted figures on the cliff and brings her voice down to a hushed whisper. "I'm trying to escape this place," she urgently explains.

"What... why?" you ask, forgetting to keep your voice low. The beautiful succubus hisses and lunges at you, but doesn't attack. With her eyes, she motions to the figures on top of the cliff.

"Please..." she pleads. "Take me to the docks..."


What do you do?

To use your axe to steer the small boat into the docks, turn to page 312.

To resist her lies and push her overboard like you should have before, turn to page 287.