Andre - Page 287


Enough games. Enough Hell. Enough of her.

It doesn't take much to overpower the delicate woman. Her skin feels warm to the touch and for a split second, you consider shifting your grapple into a hug. No, you resolve. She dies. You think of all the harem girls you split open with your axe. They were nothing. Just like this one.

You lock your wrists around her back and it takes the woman a moment to realize what is happening to her. She shrieks pathetically and tries to scratch at your head, but you barely notice. You squeeze with all your strength and lift the succubus several inches off her feet. Moving slowly in the small boat, you turn your feet and take a wobbly step toward the side. The boat rocks back and forth violently, but the current has slowed enough that the thought of capsizing has little weight in your decision making. You push with all your strength and the woman's heels strike the metal gunnel. A second push sends her flailing body splashing into the lava where it hisses and steams as it melts.

The boat rocks backward from the sudden weight shift and a few globs of lava land inside. You pull your legs up onto the small seat and watch the lava rolling to the back of the boat.

A short moment later, you see the dark figures atop the cliff to your left move. They appear to shake their heads and leave. "Bring it on, punks," you softly mutter beneath your breath. Dumping the succubus from the boat has filled you with a new sense of bravado. You start to investigate the dock for a possible landing spot when a thump sounds from beneath the hull.

A second thump shakes the boat and threatens to tear it apart. You lift your legs higher and snatch your golden axe from under the seat. A third thump punctures a tiny hole in the very bottom of the boat that begins to let lava seep inside. Slimy tentacles reach over the edges of the craft and begin probing and searching the air. You swipe your axe at a group of them, but they dodge and several more rise up from the lava. All around you, hundreds of thin, purple tentacles latch onto the sides of the boat.

Then, like Dr. Octavius rising up on his metal legs, the blonde succubus rises from the water on her unholy tentacles. She smiles at you and her eyes pierce your very soul.

"I just wanted to be friends," she says, rising well over twenty feet above the lava. New tentacles continue to extend from her back and latch onto the sides of the boat. With a maniacal cackle, she tilts her head back and rips the metal boat to ribbons.

You fall into the lava and at first, it hurts like nothing you've ever known. Then, only seconds later, the pain dissipates. Your vision follows the pain and your other senses dull to nothingness. You take one ragged breath before you die.


Better luck next time...