Blascronoret - Page 582


Number Four will die. I'll make an alter from the bones of Number Three and sacrifice Number Four's heart to the glory of the Dark One. She will scream and she will die. On those screams I shall feast. I'll pull Number Four's heart from her chest, present it as an offering to the Dark One, and then enslave Number Four in my harem. Such a willful spirit must be broken and contained. Number Four WILL be broken. She WILL be enslaved.

Engelschnitter in hand, you run down the grassy hill toward the treeline. You see Number Four's brown hair as she turns and flees, a delicious shriek of fear lingers in the air behind her flight. You've been training in the fighting pits of Hell for hundreds of years. Your pace is easily superior to the pathetic human's.

You break through the trees and issue forth a burst of flame, setting every living thing within a ten foot radius aflame. The heavy smoke reminds you of home. It reminds you of your royal harem in Hell, anxiously awaiting the addition of Number Four to the thousands of enslaved women that serve you. She will have plenty of company, you think with a grin. Hell is quite overcrowded.

Your demonic nose sniffs the air and easily picks up Number Four's sweet scent. Her fear beyond enticing, it is maddening. You charge forth, bowling over smaller underbrush and using Engelschnitter to demolish the larger trees that impede your progress. Nothing can stand in your way.

Number Four darts behind a massive boulder right next to the lapping water of the mountainside lake. You bring Engelschnitter down hard on the rough surface of the boulder. The rock explodes in a flurry of shrapnel under the sheer force of your hellish might. The Dark One has blessed you with strength beyond anything a mortal could ever imagine.

The soon-to-be slave screams and runs again, diving into the lake and swimming directly toward the center. Number Four is clever... you ponder, standing at the edge of the frigid water. She will certainly be a fitting harem slave.

For all of your training in Hell, you never learned to swim. After all, there isn't much water in Hell and skeleton's aren't incredibly buoyant. She can't swim forever.

You turn and head back to the house. It is time to build your alter out of Number Three's bones.


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