Andre - Page 187


"No," you say out loud to give you strength and resolve, "these succubi, demons, temptresses." The nearest one, the woman with the pale skin and blue eyes, glowers at you. Her brow furrows into a scowl and she reaches for you again. This time, her hand isn't soft and inviting. Her fingers are arched like talons and her nails dig painfully into your skin

"Get off me, demon!" You scream, pushing her delicate arm away. Some of the women get up from their cushions and start walking toward you. You grip your axe tightly in front of your chest and start wading through the crowd of naked women.

A lithe creature with skin like onyx steps in front of your path defiantly. Her posture is challenging and her stare shows only confidence. She has jet black hair that falls in gentle curls down the sides of her breasts. An intricate pattern of tattoos winds up her left arm and ends in a branching tree on the side of her neck. For a moment, you forget where you are. Then the beast hisses and opens her mouth to expose a jagged row of fangs.

You take a full swing and the blade of your magnificent axe catches the dark beauty in the rib cage, splitting her open and spilling her guts all over the lavish carpet.

The other women begin to scream and charge at you. You cut them down like wheat before a scythe. You make slow progress, hacking and slashing your way through the succubi, but none of them get close enough to do more than scratch you with their long nails.

As you reach the exit beneath Starry Night, one of the demons catches your eye. She is dressed, unlike the others, and has vibrantly dyed blue and white hair. Instead of running at you with a howl of demonic fury, the succubus casually reclines on her cushion and looks at you with striking eyes surrounded by dark makeup. Her expression is one of... what? Sorrow? Longing? You can't place it. No woman has ever look at you like that before.

You shake your head and clear your thoughts. Not today, you internally smirk, pushing your way through the large iron door at the back of the harem. Not today.


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