Andre - Page 134


The woman next to you cannot be ignored. Her silky smooth skin is cool to the touch. You lie down, letting your hands explore her naked and supple body.

You gaze up into her eyes and barely notice her hand gripping your wrist like a vice. She kisses you passionately, and at the edge of your perception, you get the fleeting notion that something very cold is pressing against your ribs.

One of her hands slides down your chest as she rolls on top of you. She straddles you, grinding down hard against your body. The back of your consciousness screams to be heard, but the woman's flawless beauty easily pushes it away.

You close your eyes as the dagger slips between your ribs and into your heart. "Bring me the needle and thread," the creature purrs on top of you. "This one shall serve."


Better luck next time...