Andre - Page 130


"For the Alliance!" You shout at the top of your lungs. You've charged into hundreds of battles, leading your guild to countless victories and even more epic screen shots shaved to your computer. What's one skeletal demon from Hell? Nothing.

You heft the axe high above your head and leap over the fiery chasm, loosing as vicious a war cry as you can muster. The demon grins and drops one foot back to brace himself for the charge. Your axe comes down hard in front of you and rings out against the skeleton's blade. The shock is deafening and rattles your untrained hand to the point of breaking your fingers. The axe flies from your grip and skids across the floor. In the blink of an eye, your hope has vanished.

The warlord gazes down on you with something akin to disinterest. "Unworthy," it mocks. You barely understand the guttural language of Hell as the beast breaths into your face. You kick and flail, trying desperately to free yourself from his mighty grapple. You know that it is no use. The monster has bested you. The skeletal arms flex and crunch, shattering your back and turning your spine to pulp.

The creature drops your broken body onto the concrete floor and kicks you hard in the ribs. Your muscles shred and your rib cage collapses to compress your lungs. The demon kicks again and your limp body falls through the crevice to the floor of Hell. Instantly, you are swarmed by dozens of sensory deprived slaves. All of them are holding thick twine attached to even thicker, crueler needles.


Better luck next time...