Blood and Ash - Signed - With Starter Set

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20171122_174356 (1).jpg

Blood and Ash - Signed - With Starter Set

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Get the Chaos Wars starter set which accompanies book, plus a signed copy of the book itself!

Included in the set:


  • Lina Arias - the vampire queen of Estria
  • Merren - a pivotal member of the King's Shield
  • Ilsander - Half-orc vampire hunter
  • Raas - a powerful undead lich
  • Cindana - the famous fireslinger of Azanthium
  • Timmit - the halfling surgeon
  • Skeletal Houndmaster with extra hound
  • Undead Centaur Warchief
  • Armored Death Elemental
  • 2 Skeletal Warriors


All the rules and rulebooks required to play Chaos Wars are freely available for download in .pdf form from!

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