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Science Fiction

  • Abraham's Children - The untold story of Lincoln's son George, born with the unusual gift of time skipping.

  • Give Us Barabbas! - What happens when a church pageant play accidentally summons Barabbas and initiates the rapture?

  • God is a Little Girl - A contest piece written about a little girl at the end of her journey.

  • Hezekiah's Shadow - Follow a CIA intelligence officer as he combats a nuclear threat to United States power stations.

  • One Foul Step from the Abyss - A sci-fi short story about man facing the stark realities of retirement.


  • Melissa's Heart - This is an interactive novel (for free!) where you get to decide what happens when four high school seniors discover a portal to hell in the Smokey Mountains!

  • Vereschchagin's Dream - A short story about the realities of war inspired by Vasily Vereschchagin's Apotheosis of War.

  • Blood on the Altar - An exploration of evil. Warning: contains very graphic content. (Story by Breanna Mounce)

  • Sleep Paralysis - Another story for reddit.com/r/nosleep. This one is based on the very real phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

  • Untitled - Trying my hand at a little reddit.com/r/nosleep story. This one is based on the old horror trope of a cursed object returning time and time again.