How to get Reviewed

Basic Review: Send me a copy of your book (paperback or Amazon gift only, no .pdf or .mobi) and wait for me to read it and review it. This option is FREE but may take weeks or even months. This does not guarantee that I will read your book. I typically pick new books by cover, length, and genre. If you would like to ensure that I read yours next, see below.

Please note: I am not interested in reviewing books with British grammatical constructions. British spellings are fine, but British grammar really pisses me off.

More notes on what I prefer: Professional editing is a must. Do a ctrl+f search on your manuscript for the word ‘this.’ If it appears more than 20 times, don’t bother asking me to review your novel. You need more editing. For formatting and grammar, I like things to be done correctly. No spaces on the sides of em dashes, commas before independent clauses, Oxford commas, etc. If you need more help with editing, read my blog. I post tips there all the time.

1-ish Week Review: Send me a copy of your book (paperback or eBook) and I will post your review in 7 days. $15 - this essentially just ensures that your book moves to the front of the line. Due to my schedule, holidays, and demand, sometimes 1 week turns into 2. I’ll never take more than 14 days, though. Rest assured.


All queries / eBooks should be sent to

Please Read: I will not give a book a favorable review simply because it is a paid review. I review all works honestly. If I don't like your book, I will say so in my review. All reviews will be posted here, on GoodReads, Amazon, and on Twitter @stuartthaman. If your book is submitted for review, please add me on those sites and help spread the word. The more publicity we can garner together, the larger the audience for your review. Thanks