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Paper Consultation

Send me a link to your book listing, and I'll go through it with a keen eye to figure out what might not be working. You'll get a written report in 1 week with a detailed outline of what can be improved. Most paper consults end up being about 3 - 5 pages long. I want you to get the absolute most value from it, so I won't really bother much saying what I like about your book(s) and web presence, it will basically be a detailed report of what can be improved and how to improve it.

  • I only do a couple paper consults each week (they're time consuming), and space has been booking up quickly as of late. Current turnaround times are around 10 days.

  • "Stuart Thaman's consult service has helped me in figuring out the nuts and bolts of self publishing and marketing my book. Stu's suggestions are concise and actionable, and his specific, concrete examples of what to look for in each of his review categories are great. One would be well served by using Stu's consult services." -Nathan Jones, author of the Best Laid Plans series

Paper Consultation

Skype Consultation

I'll walk you through everything. Any number of books, any number of authors. Just give me at least a week's notice so I can do some research and get some materials together. As above, I'll look at everything. If you have a marketing plan, send it as well, and I'll see if we can't improve it.

  • This is much more in depth than the paper consultation, and you can ask me any questions you like about the publishing industry, your books, or pretty much anything else. I’ll cover any number of books your like, as long as time permits.

  • A great option for small presses looking to improve their products and sales.

Skype Consultation

AMS (Amazon) Ad Generation

I'll make your AMS ads. You'll have to add me on your AMS dashboard, and then just tell me how many ads you want. Each ad will have plenty of keywords relevant to your book and genre, designed to make you money. Caveat Emptor: I can (obviously) make no warranty as to the results of the ad. If I could mind control customers, I'd be doing it. If an ad gets no traction in sales, that's on you to fix. Luckily, I have a free guide to AMS ads as well.

  • My advice: once you have your ads set up and get a couple weeks of data to analyze, I recommend terminating all the ads and then making a new one with a very small amount of keywords. Use the best ad copy, then only import the keywords that brought in sales. That way you can make a super-charged ad with only keywords you know are effective. Of course, I'd be happy to do that for you as well.

  • Most authors start by getting 4 ads created at once in order to split test 2 different keyword sets and 2 different ad copies. That’s highly recommended.


Blurb Writing

Need a killer blurb? Firstly, there's a free guide to blurb writing in my marketing series. Check that out, and then if you still want me to try my hand, here's the service: I'll write 3 blurbs for you, explain the merits of each blurb, and you can then do whatever you like with them. Pick your favorite, mix and match lines, use them as a launching point to write your own, etc. Each blurb will fit in with top-selling blurbs in your genre and be laden (if possible) with searchable keywords.

  • Writing blurbs takes quite some time. Especially if you order more than one at a time, please know that it could take 2 - 4 weeks. Also, the demand for blurbs has been high. Prices have already risen twice, and they're likely to rise again soon.


Newsletter Feature

Features are only open to fantasy, thriller, LitRPG, horror, and some other speculative fiction genres. Also, your cover needs to be on par with the quality of mine. Please email ahead of time to make sure I have space. I only feature a small number of books on each newsletter, so you’ll get prime placement no matter what. I have over 3,500 (and rapidly growing) subscribers with an open rate that fluctuates between 20% and 30%.

  • My newsletters typically go out on the 15th of each month, though it varies.

Feature Spots

Bookmark Design

Need some bookmarks for a live event? Send me a high res file of your cover and all your links, and I'll get a .pdf for you to send to the printer. I like UPrinting for all my own bookmarks, and the files will be optimized for that platform, but they should work wherever.

  • I’ll need some images from you, so be sure to email them over.

  • If you want a size other than a typical 2 x 6, let me know. I can do it.

Bookmark Design

Agent Review

As an agent with extensive experience in the publishing industry, I’ll look through the first few chapters of your book and review your query letter to make sure you have everything that an agent wants to see. You’ll also get a line edit of the first couple chapters that’s specifically designed to bring your writing up to the quality a publisher expects to see. The line edit will include detailed grammatical instructions to help you self-edit the rest of the manuscript as well.

  • This takes time. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks from the time your order is placed.

Agent Review

Facebook Ad Generation & Management

Facebook ad generation is completely custom and varies a lot depending on your individual needs. I can work with a single author trying to push a single book all the way to an entire press (my specialty) looking to marketing hundreds of books all at once. The prices for various packages are tailored to your specific needs. Send an email for more details on packages and options:

Need a cover, formatting, or editor?