Custom, Personal Marketing Services

Please send a query email first with some details. There are bound to be projects that I simply don't want to take.

  • Paper Consultation ($20 per book) - Send me a link to your book listing, and I'll go through it with a keen eye to figure out what might not be working. You'll get a written report in 1 week with a detailed outline of what can be improved.
  • Skype Consultation ($40 for the first hour, $25 / hour after that) - I'll walk you through everything. Any number of books, any number of authors. Just give me at least a week's notice so I can do some research and get some materials together. As above, I'll look at everything. If you have a marketing plan, send it as well, and I'll see if we can't improve it. If I don't think I can offer enough to really make it worth your while, I'll let you know and you will not be charged.
  • AMS ad generation ($15 per ad) - I'll make your AMS ads. You'll have to add me on your AMS dashboard, and then just tell me how many ads you want. Each ad will have between 900 and 1000 (the limit) keywords relevant to your book and genre, designed to make you money. Caveat Emptor: I can (obviously) make no warranty as to the results of the ad. If I could mind control customers, I'd be doing it. If an ad gets no traction in sales, that's on you to fix. 
  • Bookmark design ($25) - Need some bookmarks for a live event? Send me a high res file of your cover and all your links, and I'll get a .pdf for you to send to the printer. I like UPrinting for all my own bookmarks, and the files will be optimized for that platform, but they should work wherever.