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Please read carefully. Some important things changed as of September 24, 2017.

I am currently not accepting new clients. There simply isn't the time to work with everyone. I expect to open back up in the winter or spring, so stay tuned.

If you really don't like marketing yourself and would prefer to sit back and write, I'm here to help. What I offer varies a decent bit based on genre and other factors, but here are the basics:

Market Optimization: This is step 1. We'll make sure your books are optimized with the best blurbs, keywords, and all the peripherals. You'll have to input this info on your end, but I'll give you detailed instructions on just how to do it. I also take care of the lengthy research process to figure out exactly what terms your customers are searching. This step also includes a social media aspect as well. We will work together to grow your name and your brand in every possible way, and some of that relies upon a strong social media presence.

Promotion: Which online promotions should you buy? What should you avoid? Don't worry. I've spent the last 4 years discovering those answers, and I have a pretty solid method. Seriously, I've been painstakingly recording sales results from over 50 different online book promoters since the 2013. This is the crux of what you get when you hire me to be your publicist. I'll book all your promotions, get all of your publicity scheduled and ready to go, and ensure that your book is seeing the most possible eyes. I also have a lengthy list of personal contacts around the publishing industry that I've cultivated, and I'll work to get your book editorial reviews, consumer reviewers, and featured by other authors in your genre in their newsletters and on their social media platforms. For my highest package, I am also incorporating Facebook ads into my strategies for added exposure.

The Terms: "Don’t just satisfy your customers, delight them." - Warren Buffett. I want each of my clients to be delighted. Inevitably, some books just won't sell very well. Through a rigorous selection process, I hope to only take on projects I believe will be profitable. That's the nature of the beast we work with here in the publishing and writing industry. I cannot guarantee a specific number of sales. I cannot promise you'll make a best-seller list. What I can say is this: if you don't make back your investment with me in 30 days, I will work with you to schedule another sale and move some resources to different channels to get the book selling more. Sadly, due to the very unpredictable nature of the book industry, no matter how selective I am when it comes to choosing books to market, I'm bound to accept a few books that simply will not sell. At the moment, roughly 95% of my clients see returns that exceed their investment. Of that 95%, roughly 30% see returns that far exceed their investment. I'm willing to spend up to 100% of your budget (eliminating my profits) in order to at least get your book to break even on the investment. However, if a book simply does not sell and the budget has been completely used, there is nothing more I can do.

The Price: I currently have 3 levels of service that I provide - $500, $750, and $1,000. You decide your budget, and then I will confirm the package I am willing to offer. The difference between the 3 levels is relatively simple: the more marketing budget you give to me, the more I can promote your book. The smallest package typically involves a single day of promotions with your book at 99 cents, and sales typically last for about a week. The middle package has more of a focus on reviews added into the mix. At the highest tier, I spread out the ad stacks much more (and buy more of them), hopefully giving your book a very nice boost up the ranks.

  • An extra bit of clarity: You don't pay for individual promotions. I'll be managing your marketing budget on your behalf and booking promotions out of that fund. The price you pay upfront is all you'll ever pay.
  • Free Resources: I've been writing articles on marketing for quite some time. Check out the free resources by clicking Marketing Series at the top of the page.
  • We will pick a date for a 99 cent sale. That means you need to contact me in advance of your sale or release. Most genres require about 2 weeks notice to book. For maximum results (especially for romance titles), try to book more than a month in advance. 
    • Please note that once we settle on a date for your promotion, I will begin working with my team to book your publicity. Once that begins, your booking is non-transferable and the date cannot be changed. If your sale date arrives and your book does not drop to 99 cents, you will have basically wasted your budget. If the price does not move, that is an irreversible error.

The Requirements: I can't work with every single book out there. My expertise is in speculative fiction (that includes genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror, thrillers, etc.). My methods work much better with books that are the first of a series. That generates the most income for you. No matter how much I push your book, I cannot make a book with a poor cover or no editing into a best-seller. I reserve the right to turn down any book I do not feel confident promoting. If your book needs works or perhaps a new cover, I know plenty of people in the industry who can help. Also, your book or series must be enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you aren't sure what that is, I can help you get enrolled in no time. For the absolute best level of success possible, hire me for a project that you haven't released yet. With an unreleased book, we can make sure everything is perfect before you pull the trigger.

Kindle Unlimited Reasoning: I gear most of my written ad copy toward Kindle Unlimited. The logic behind targeting those readers is relatively simple: there are tons of them, and they're much, much, more willing to take a chance on a book they don't know. That means more exposure for you. For a plethora of reasons, I've found more readers in KU than anywhere else, though it naturally varies from book to book quite a bit.

  • Please submit an inquiry in order to get started. I'll do a thorough review of your works and all of your social media presence in order to see if this would be a good fit for us. Again, I cannot promote everything. The most common issues I see are bad covers and a lack of editing. If your book falls into one of those, I can recommend you people to help fix it, but I'll have to turn down the project until it gets fixed. Send your inquiries to stuartthaman@gmail.com
  • Genres I cannot promote (due to lack of experience / market): children's books, including novels aimed at young kids or picture books, 'bizarro' stuff with ultra-weird themes, non-fiction of any sort, memoirs, anything potentially offensive or just too over the top, short stories, flash fiction, and multi-author collections (though I might do some more testing and open that up in the future).
  • Categories: If your book is in the wrong categories (example: a paranormal romance title in some wonky family issues category), do not bother to inquire about promotion until that is fixed. Also, I am not interested in your reasoning behind your category picks. Much of my promotion focuses on the algorithms used by Amazon, and linking your books to popular books in a similar genre is key.


The method wouldn't be very good if I couldn't prove my success. Here are a few screenshots of my own book rankings to give you an idea of what to expect. Of course, everyone's books are different, and some categories are much more competitive than others.

The Goblin Wars Omnibus at #1 in the paid Amazon store, collections and anthologies subsection.

The Goblin Wars Omnibus at #1 in the paid Amazon store, collections and anthologies subsection.

The Goblin Wars Omnibus at #6 and Shadowlith at #5 in the paid Amazon store, epic fantasy subsection.

The Goblin Wars Omnibus at #6 and Shadowlith at #5 in the paid Amazon store, epic fantasy subsection.

For We Are Many reached #463 in all books, and #9 in the horror chart.

For We Are Many reached #463 in all books, and #9 in the horror chart.

Shadowlith released (April 17, 2017) at #1 in the Hot New Releases chart in epic fantasy.

Shadowlith released (April 17, 2017) at #1 in the Hot New Releases chart in epic fantasy.



Below are a couple quotes from clients I have worked with in the past.

“The best thing about Stu’s method, guarantee, and dedication is… well, everything. Seriously. From the moment I read his guarantee, I thought to myself: ‘this is the kind of thing that should exist everywhere — a guarantee that ensures I’m going to be spending money with someone who’s not only dedicated to my books’ success, but so passionate about it that he ties his income to it.’ 

From the moment we chatted about my books and his strategy I knew I was in good hands. Hell, even before we chatted I had that feeling. Stu’s selective, because he knows that if he can’t work with your book he won’t get get paid, and his reputation is on the line. He’s the real deal. 

Oh, and best of all? If he can work with your book, it’s going to sell. Period.” - Nick Thacker, best-selling author of Relics and the Harvey Bennett thrillers

"I take great pride in being an author and I love that I can create these characters that have all these amazing personalities and lives. Since publishing my first book I've come to realize that writing the book is the easy part. I actually thought it would be the hardest thing ever,  but i couldn't have been more wrong.
The hardest part about being an author is getting your book to sell. It's finding readers who will notice you.
After trying one promotion after another and one tactic after another that produced little results I was ready to tear out my hair.
That was when I found Stuart. The first thing that impressed me about him was his confidence in selling and the fantastic care he took to ensure I was getting the right campaign to suit me.
However, what totally bowled me right over was waking up the morning after the first promotion he'd scheduled to find more sales than I'd ever had, and page reads through the roof. I never dreamed that I could see such results but there they were staring me right in my face.
Within a few days I'd made back my campaign costs and nearly the same in profit. And yet the page reads keep on coming.
I've never had such great service and every day feels like a dream. What is better than knowing that the books you spent hours writing are in the very best hands they could be in?
I'm so happy and feel so lucky. Thanks to Stuart's magical talents I now have the confidence that I will do well. I don't see the point in going anywhere else.
This is one very, very, happy customer who will be grateful forever." - Khardine Gray, best-selling author of Complete Me, I Only Have Eyes for You, and Hearts Entwined

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