A ton of people, authors or not, have asked me how I market my books. How did I get to where I am? When I started writing, I was as unknown as unknown can be. Now, several years later, I have many published novels, 2 best-sellers, and my brand grows every day. So, how did I do it? Well, I certainly am not the best, but here are links to the blog posts which outline pretty much everything I know.

Book Launches!

Everything you need to know about launching your book with style - and sales!

Make sure your blurb is perfect!

Blurb writing is an art form. A very difficult, frustrating, painful art form. Here's the terrifying part: the blurb will sell hundreds of books for you. Or it will ruin every marketing effort you make. Write wisely.

How to sell more books: part 1.

This is a solid foundation for book sales. Without the basics of book marketing, you will find success to be very elusive.

How to sell more books: part 2.

Want more details? Check it out.

What should I take to conventions?

Swag here! Get your author swag here!

Does genre dictate success?

Finally, the age old question is answered.

Traditional, Self Publishing, Small Press = Know the Differences before you choose.

Why should you choose to self publish? Why should you choose a small press? I break down the pros and cons of the 3 major options available to authors.

Looking for some NaNoWriMo tips and tricks? Check it out!

I've completed NaNo 4 times now, always doing the full 50k word goal. How do I do it? Wouldn't you like to know...

Social Media for Authors.

Figure out how to tweet before you start doing it. Build up a following. Gain some online street-cred.

Amazon Giveaways as a Social Media Tool.

Grow your brand on Twitter and grow your Amazon followers by running giveaways!

Want more? Check out this book.

Full disclosure: I did not write this book nor do I receive any benefit whatsoever by promoting it. I do know the author and I have read the book. It is well worth the time and money.


Have some advice of your own? Shoot me an email and I'll put up a link to your own blog with author-oriented marketing advice.