For We Are Many - the new horror novel from Stuart Thaman & Hydra Publications

For We Are Many
By Stuart Thaman

No one believes Fletcher Lee when he says he sees someone lurking in the shadows. Removed from his middle school for frightening the other children, 13 year old Fletcher is forced into psychotherapy where his visions are believed to be the result of a traumatic childhood experience. Pressured into reliving his worst nightmares, Fletcher's torments grow until they can no longer be written off as mere hallucinations. 

When Fletcher's state deteriorates to the point of causing harm to his psychologist, Dr.Kendrick turns away from conventional medicine and discovers a much more troubling, supernatural answer. Without enough time to rescue Fletcher, Dr. Kendrick must make a choice: is she strong enough to risk her soul to find him?

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Editorial Acclaim

"For We Are Many is a look into an abyss - an abyss that stares back." - Mike Leon, Author of Kill Kill Kill

"I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. The cover was intriguing, as was the synopsis, but beyond that I didn't know what it was about.

For We Are Many is a paranormal, supernatural thriller that grabbed me from the beginning. Fletcher Lee is a boy with a special ability: he sees things, and knows when people will die. But the ability has caused him to become ostracized at school and home.

Fletcher's ability attracts the attention of a psychologist and a priest, both of whom are curious and concerned. So when Fletcher mysteriously disappears after an altercation at a neighbor's house, they spring into action.

The remainder of the book picks up pace as they scramble to find where--or when--Fletcher disappeared to. I read the entire second half in one sitting, unable to put it down. The book ends with a race of action, and a twist that will leave you yearning for the sequel.

Thaman excels at paranormal/superstitious/religious fiction, and it's obvious that he's educated in religious studies. But Thaman does it well without hammering you over the head; I was interested and entertained from start-to-finish, despite being a non-religious person. 

Whether you're a Christian or atheist, if you're a fan of horror/suspense you'll love For We Are Many." - David Kristoff, Author of The Siege of Praetar