First cigar of the season! Noob review inside.

The weather in Cincinnati is finally nice enough to take the chairs out and enjoy the first stick of 2015. OK, it isn't my first cigar this year, but my first one not enjoyed in an indoor lounge away from the snow.

The cigar: Nimish Thunder

Size: Toro - not too big, not too small.

Duration: 45 minutes. Smoked to 1/3(ish) and it went out on its own.

Burn: very even. Lots of smoke production.

Age: sat in my humidor about 9 months. 68% humidity

Paired with:  a huge glass of water.

Price: I don't remember. I think only $3.00 or $3.50.



Light: Very peppery. The first couple puffs were a brutal assault of pure pepper and spice. Not good. I prefer mellow cigars.

First inch: became creamier but still had strong notes of pepper. Some earth and nuts present.

Second inch: Solidly creamy. Coffee, earth, and nuts most abundant, in that order. Some notes of spice still lingered, but they were tasty and not overwhelming.

Third inch: creaminess continued to be pleasant. Flavors overall started to weaken and the smoke production decreased a bit. Creamy coffee flavor was most present. The spice began to return as the cigar got shorter.

Final 10 minutes: dry spice and some hints of earth, overall pretty bland. Smoke production died off drastically until it went out on its own. Since the final flavors were dull and spicy, I did not attempt to get it going again.

Overall thoughts: not bad, especially considering the money. I am a huge fan of Rocky Patel and always saw the Nimish line at the shop so decided to pick one up last year. I wouldn't buy it again, but I wouldn't turn down a free one or something else from the Nimish brand. Great for a short afternoon spent reading a book. If you like coffee and earth cigars, you might consider it.