Interview with Kilayla Pilon


How do most people react when they discover that your first book was published at the age of 16?

A lot of people at the first signing asked if I was the author, to which I would respond yes. Every time they would narrow there eyes just a tad and say I look quite young. Again, I'd answer with my age and every time they'd do a sort of double-take. It prompts some interesting conversation. I'm 17 now, so I'm sure the novelty of it has worn off a tad.

Are you currently working on any other projects? If so, when is your next expected release?

I'm hoping to have the sequel to The Prophet's Daughter out by next fall, though I'm working on various short stories as well when I can. I want to work more on novels set in present-day or something medieval afterward. I have way too many ideas and just not enough time to get them all down.

What made you interest in post-apocalyptic? Which post-apocalyptic worlds in the mainstream media are you most drawn to?

Interesting fact: I was never big into post-apocalyptic anything. I liked The Hunger Games when I read them in 8th grade but that was about it. What really got me writing about Arin and her world was my psychology teacher, Mr. Kennedy. It came up in discussion what his opinion on how he viewed a post-apocalyptic world and it just blossomed from there.

Which authors do you read for inspiration or motivation?

I read a lot of books. I love fantasy books most of the time but I find one thing I like to do is sit down and read Eric Walters. He's really what helped me get into writing back in 7th grade and... I just find I enjoy how he writes more than anything else. Plus his stories are never all that far from reality, from the ones I've read.

Of all the possible ends to civilization, which do you find the most likely?

Disease. What's to say that one day, some weird mutation of a disease won't spread like wildfire and destroy half the human race before anyone can begin working on treatment or a cure?

What is your #1 tip for someone looking to survive the apocalypse and prosper?

If I had to survive the apocalypse, I wouldn't. I'd be dead in three days tops. But for those looking to survive, hoard. Find a shelter and hoard everything you can... Or, and this is a big one, don't doubt the cruel nature of other people but don't leave everyone else to die. What's the point of surviving if you're going to do it alone?

When you write, do you prefer silence and solitude or do you listen to music / have other distractions?

I can work in all type of scenarios. Silence is actually something that causes me great discomfort so I'm often listening to music or have some sort of sound in the background.

Finally, where can we find your work?