Andre - Page 502


The small boat picks up speed and enters the dark tunnel ahead. You hear eerie noises echoing from the stone around you mixed with the distinct sounds of a girl crying. You lean forward, dipping the boat slightly into the molten lava, but you can't see a thing.

The river turns and the metal boat smacks into a jutting rock and nearly tosses you into the lava. With a deep breath you steady yourself and sit back down on the only seat. The metal is cold against your legs, but light begins to grow at the end of the tunnel. No more waterfalls, you silently hope, clutching the edge of the boat until your knuckles turn white.

Distinctly feminine sobs and cries reach your ears from somewhere behind you. You shut your eyes and try to block it out, but it only grows as the boat nears the end of the dark tunnel. As the light from the next chamber washes over your eyes, something bumps your shirt. You jerk in your seat and whirl around, coming face to face with one of the pale-skinned succubi from the harem you left before. She sits, naked and sobbing, on the hard metal bottom of the boat. She can't weigh more than a hundred pounds, you think, sizing her up as best you can. I could dump her overboard...

The creature avoids your gaze and continues to sob in the back of the boat. With a sigh, you turn around to assess the new chamber and see what foes it might hold. To your right, long wooden fingers extend from a sandy shore into the lava. A dock, you muse. How convenient.

Beyond the dock, the river of lava flows onward and out of your vision. Above you, there is nothing. Unlike before, you cannot see the ceiling of the chamber. To your left, a cliff face rises out of the river and at the top, you can barely make out a row of dark, humanoid silhouettes watching you. Maybe they are statues. Perhaps they are demons or other succubi. Regardless, they are too high up to be of concern.

You turn back to the beautiful temptress in the boat and take on as stern a posture as you can manage without tipping the boat. "What do you want?" You ask, puffing your chest out in the process.

The woman brushes her long blonde hair out of her face and looks at you. She sniffles and her small, delicate breasts heave.

She opens her mouth to speak and you see the glint of multiple rows of teeth.


What do you do?

To cast the foul demon from your presence and throw her overboard into the lava, turn to page 287.

To listen to what she has to say, turn to page 220.