Andre - Page 45


No way are you going to risk being alone in the woods with a gay man so athletic that he could easily overpower you. Not worth the risk.

"No thanks man," you say. Darren shrugs and continues to walk out into the woods. For a moment, you're sad that he didn't try to convince you to go with him. It would've been nice to feel wanted.

"Back to the house it is," you tell yourself. You watch for a few moments. Nothing moves. Melissa is in there somewhere. So is that beast. "Let's go!" You yell, trying to give yourself as much courage as possible.

You lightly jog back to the house and peer around the open basement door - right into the face of Hell itself. The demonic skeleton wraps its fingers around your neck and hoists you off your feet. It screams something that sounds oddly like an English number and places your head firmly between its powerful jaws.


Better luck next time...